About SalonEra

Now on the cusp of its third season, SalonEra is an early music variety show that serves a global audience of classical music enthusiasts. With trademark style, SalonEra pairs enlightening conversation and the highest possible quality recordings of rarely-heard early music from a diverse slate of musicians from across North America and beyond.

Upcoming Shows

SalonEra Season Three features 6 new episodes plus a special re-broadcast. New this year, each episode will be released as a video and audio podcast. Episodes will be available from their premiere dates thru June 30th, 2023. 

Oct 3 @ 7:30pm ET

SalonEra delves into the fascinating history of Venice’s Ospedali with baritone/scholar Lisandro Abadie as our enthusiastic guide. 

Nov. 14 @ 7:30pm ET

Chamber music for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and horn by Mozart, Reicha, and Krommer reflect shifting aesthetic values, experimental technologies, and newfound virtuosity. 

Dec. 19 @ 7:30pm ET

In this special re-broadcast from SalonEra Season 2, Ottoman music enthusiast and multi-instrumentalist Daphna Mor guest curates an exploration of musical connections between east and west. 

Jan. 16 @ 7:30pm ET

SE highlights queer artists working in the realm of Baroque opera, delving into how issues of representation, community, and queer love are reflected in the plots and vocal writing of 17th and 18th century works for the stage.

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