Les Délices is pleased to announce SalonEra; a live-streamed early music-focused variety show designed as a salon experience for the 21st century. Produced and live-streamed twice monthly, this fun, interactive series will be free to watch with a suggested donation of $10 per episode. Conceived as a fresh and entertaining experience for audiences at home, the show also provides an important outlet and paid opportunity for performing artists whose careers have been deeply impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Bringing together both regular contributors and special guests for conversation and performance, SalonEra is a place where we can increase visibility for emerging artists and artists of color while creating collaborative opportunities for both individuals and organizations that would not otherwise be practical.  

SalonEra aspires to be timely and relevant take on the historical salon. Free of geographic or conventional programming limitations, each one-hour episode will be guided instead by the personalities, perspectives, and contributions of special guests. Guests share recent and/or upcoming work in alternating interview and performance segments that highlight personal stories, address inspiration and artistic process, and explore intersections between music and art through history.


Themes for individual episodes will run the gamut from Bach to folk-infused Baroque music from Scotland, Peruvian salons, art songs by Schubert, from enjoying operatic greatest hits in one’s living room to Medieval music and improvised traditions. In the course of every show, audiences will enjoy live solo performances and brand-new recorded musical collaborations created especially for SalonEra. Each episode will include a post-show Q&A/chat with artists.

“I hope that SalonEra is something of a gateway drug to consuming more early music! I think we have great potential to expose audiences to fascinating projects and performers that they might not otherwise encounter through traditional, geographically-limited performance outlets.”

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