When you make a donation during an episode, subscribe to the season, or make a special gift supporting a SalonEra remote artist or episode, you are directly supporting the work of artists who have been deeply impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. THANK YOU for supporting our work!

Donate or Subscribe

SalonEra is free to watch with a suggested donation of $15 per episode. Or, take the thinking out of it with a subscription and automatically get access to all nine episodes emailed to you as they approach!


While SalonEra provides a fresh and entertaining experience for audiences at home, it’s also an important outlet and paid opportunity for performing artists whose careers have been deeply impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Besides subscribing to the SalonEra series, there are other ways that you can directly support our artists’ work. We invite you to consider sponsoring a remote artist, an episode, making a special gift in support of the Fall or Spring seasons.

  • SalonEra Remote Artist Sponsor:
    $250 + FORTIFY benefits
  • SalonEra Episode Sponsor:
    $1000 + CHAMPION benefits
  • SalonEra Season Underwriter:
    $2500 + CHAMPION benefits

Please email to discuss sponsorship opportunities.