Open Submissions

About Open Submissions

Please review the following information prior to submitting your proposal.

SalonEra aims to:

  • Foster connections between audiences and artists.
  • Bring increased visibility to a wide range of artists, organizations, and their creative work.
  • Create opportunities for artistic collaboration without the limitation of traditional concert formats, conventions, or geography.
  • Expose audiences to fascinating projects and performers that they might not otherwise encounter through traditional, geographically-limited performance outlets.

Our Open Submission process enables artists and/or organizations to suggest and contribute to SalonEra’s programming. We invite you to share your specialty or interests that may include current, recent, or upcoming performance projects or research. Your interests help guide the planning for the show and help us create interesting and coherent episodes.

In planning for 2024-25 and beyond, we welcome the opportunity to discover unknown-to-us talent and projects. If you’d like to be considered for SalonEra, please tell us about you and your work.

Open/unsolicited submissions are reviewed annually in December by SalonEra’s artistic and production team. Proposals may be submitted at any time and all proposals will be acknowledged and reviewed.

If your work and proposal piques our interest and/or fits well with programs already in planning stages, our production team will reach out to you to determine potential availability for involvement in a future episode.

If your work and proposal is not the right fit at the time when we’re determining programming, don’t worry. We will keep all open submission proposals in consideration for future rounds of programming. Artists may also submit new or updated proposals if they wish.

  • Schedule a pre-show chat where we’ll get a sense of where the interview segments should/may go.
  • Provide us with simple publicity materials
  • Agreement about what music/project/topic you’d like to feature.
  • Discuss and Agree on a collaborative piece or pieces and process, due dates, etc.
  • Attend a dress/tech rehearsal + episode recording prior to broadcast
  • Attend a post-premiere Live Q&A with fellow artists

Les Délices and the SalonEra team firmly believe that talented, hardworking folks need to be paid for sharing their art, labor, time, and passion. Full video episodes remain publicly available until June 30 following their premiere; audio podcasts remain available in perpetuity. Les Délices reserves the right to excerpt interviews or collaborative performances created for the show to promote future SalonEra broadcasts. We request artists’ permission in the event we want to post specific remote collaborations on YouTube or other outlets following the initial broadcast.

“I hope that SalonEra is something of a gateway drug to consuming more early music! I think we have great potential to expose audiences to fascinating projects and performers that they might not otherwise encounter through traditional, geographically-limited performance outlets.”

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