Bach & Beyond

The perennial appeal of Bach’s music has inspired many artists across genres to adapt and arrange his music. SalonEra’s Artists in Residence (including host Debra Nagy, keyboard maverick Eric Milnes, and viola da gambist Mélisande Corriveau) together with violinist Shelby Yamin, soprano Hannah De Priest, and special guest tenor Philippe Gagné pick up this trend as they turn violin sonatas into trios, trios into solos, imaginatively reconstruct new “Brandenburg” concertos, and even indulge in some Bach-inspired heavy metal.

Episode Credits

Debra Nagy, host & executive producer
Shelby Yamin, associate producer

Episode Guests

Shelby Yamin


Hannah De Priest


Mélisande Corriveau

viola da gamba

Eric Milnes

harpsichord & organ


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J.S. Bach BWV 1015-1016, arranged by Bruce Haynes: Trio Sonata for Oboe, violin and continuo
Dolce, Allegro

Bach, Organ Trio Sonata, BWV 527

Bach: Die Liebe zieht mit sanften Schritten from BWV 36

Bach: Die Schätzbarkeit from BWV 204

Bach: So schnell ein rauschend Wasser fließt from “Ach wie flüchtig, ach wie nichtig,” BWV 26
Courtesy L’Harmonie de Saisons

Bach: “Brandenburg Concerto no. 7” (A re-imagining by Bruce Haynes) 
La Bande Montréal Baroque – Eric Milnes, Director 
Performed live at the Festival Tage fur Alte Musik – Regensburg, Deutschland, 2019

METAL BACH BWV #4 : J. S. Bach: Christ lag in Todesbanden : Tenor Aria : 5 Cellphones in Isolation


Bob & Nancy Klein
Joe Sopko & Elizabeth Macintyre
Deborah Malamud & Neal Plotkin
Tom & Marilyn McLaughlin
David Porter & Margaret Poutasse

Marc Vincent & Alex Nalbach 
Susan McClary

Ross Duffin & Bev Simmons
Eric & Sue Kisch
Paula Mindes & George Gilliam
Jean Toombs
Daniel Williams
JoLynn Edwards
Sarah Steiner