Exclusive: Enchanted Island (audio only)

Enjoy performance clips and intriguing background information on Les Délices' Enchanted Island program.
Exclusive: Enchanted Island (audio only)

About the Episode

Les Délices is back in-person this season, but we haven’t left our digital audience behind. We’re releasing excerpts from every Concert Series program this year in podcast episodes augmented by historical context and artist insights. In this episode, you’ll hear music recorded during the live performances of Enchanted Island. Wherever you are, you can experience the special magic of Les Délices.

Episode Credits

Hannah De Priest, host & special projects manager
Debra Nagy, executive producer 
Shelby Yamin, associate producer

Featured Voices

Debra Nagy

Artistic Director, Les Délices

Sherezade Panthaki

Sherezade Panthaki


Mark Edwards



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Clérambault: l’Ile de Delos
Opening Prélude/Air: Agréable séjour
Récit: De ces champs fortunés 
Air tendre: Coulez dans une paix profonde

Couperin: Ordre 6ème
Barricades Misterieuses 
Les Bergeries

Rameau: Le berger fidèle
Air vif et gracieux: Charmant Amour [final aria]