Machaut Man

Longtime friends and collaborators Debra Nagy and Scott Metcalfe of Blue Heron have co-produced a range of Medieval projects over the years, including last season’s “mesmerizing” Les Délices triumph, Machaut’s Lai of the Fountain (now available on Marquee TV.) In this special episode of SalonEra, Scott and Debra celebrate the forthcoming release of Le Remede de Fortune, a new album collaboratively conceived and performed by Blue Heron and Les Délices. Machaut’s Remede is a long-form narrative poem with musical interpolations that tells the story of a young lover’s attempts to live well despite the capriciousness of Fortune. The episode features footage from live performances of Remede de Fortune along with other exclusive archival footage from LD and BH. We also take a closer look at the extravagantly detailed, evocative illuminations found in MS C, one of the most richly-decorated of Machaut’s surviving manuscripts.

Episode Credits

Debra Nagy, host & executive producer
Shelby Yamin, associate producer

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Guillaume Machaut (1300-1377)
“Gai et joli”

Lai: “Qui n’auroit autre deport” from Remede de Fortune

Complainte: “Tieus rit au main” from Remede de Fortune

Qui es promesses – Ha Fortune – Et non est qui adujvat

“En amer a douce vie” from Remede de Fortune


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