SE explores personal stories of identity, community in “Songs for Social Justice”

SalonEra explores personal stories of identity, community in Songs for Social Justice, premiering Dec. 11 Featuring Haitham Haidar and Michael Walker Les Délices’ award-winning webseries and podcast SalonEra continues its fourth season with Songs for Social Justice, premiering December 11th. This episode probes themes of community, faith, identity,

SE dives into the history of the Mary Rose with help from Trobár

SalonEra dives into the history of the Mary Rose with help from Trobár With Allison Monroe and Peter Walker Les Délices’ award-winning webseries and podcast SalonEra continues its fourth season with Shipwreck! premiering November 13th. This episode probes the fateful history of The Mary Rose, Henry VIII’s flagship, with guests

SE to open its 4th Season with “Celestial Soundtrack”

SalonEra opens 4th season with “Celestial Soundtrack” Guest-curated by Shelby Yamin, featuring Charles Weaver, Leonié Adams, and Juan Lora Les Délices’ award-winning webseries and podcast SalonEra kicks off its landmark fourth season of episodes on October 9th with Celestial Soundtrack. Guest-curated by SalonEra Associate Producer Shelby Yamin, this unique episode

SE features innovative programs & new formats in its 4th sesaon

SalonEra (SE) was launched as a webseries in 2020  to share a world of early music with a dedicated global audience at home. Since the beginning, SalonEra’s winning formula has combined high-quality recordings with insights from an inspiring slate of guest artists. Over 35 episodes

SalonEra gives a fascinating look into “The Phoenix of Mexico”

Poet, composer, and protofeminist — these are all accurate labels, but they only begin to describe the incredible Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. Known as “The Phoenix of Mexico” and “The Tenth Muse,” de la Cruz led a fascinating life and left behind a legacy that artists of all kinds continue to explore today.

Les Délices’ SalonEra is back and better than ever for second season

Last year, Cleveland’s period ensemble Les Délices dared to be different with their contribution to the world of online concerts: SalonEra. Billed as a “variety show for early music,” the web series’ unique format made it a hit among audience members, director Debra Nagy said in a recent interview.

Anatomy of Remote Performance As Practiced By SalonEra

If you were feeling starved for a really arresting musical experience online in recent months and caught an episode of SalonEra, you were in luck. Every two weeks from September to May, Cleveland’s baroque chamber ensemble Les Délices presented 16 lively episodes of wide-ranging period music from medieval days to the early 19th century with performers from far and wide.

Les Délices Entertain and Inform

Women, studies show, work harder than men. Even when they and their male spouses or partners have equally demanding jobs, women shoulder more of the housework and childcare duties. As a rewarding pair of online programs from the Cleveland-based early music organization Les Délices demonstrates, female composers of the 17th and 18th centuries wouldn’t have been surprised by today’s gender gaps. They lived — and resourcefully sought ways to thrive — under similar and surely far more daunting conditions.

Les Délices Open a Virtual Salon Laden With Musical Delights

Exploring the dramatic potential and emotional resonance of early music, Les Délices (The delights), founded in 2009 by Baroque oboist Debra Nagy, has, like all arts organizations, found itself at an inflection point during the COVID-19 crisis. But that hasn’t stopped Cleveland-based Nagy from making the proverbial lemonade from lemons. Indeed, the ensemble’s SalonEra series, a unique online variety show, brings together a roster of national and international artists in a combination of live performances, prerecorded content, and captivating dialogue generally not found in your typical pandemic/YouTube/Zoom musical offerings.