Season 2: 2021-22

Where the Wild Things Are

Premiered April 25, 2022

Delve into the strange and sublime world of early programmatic music imitating birdsong, frogs, chickens, and more!

The Secret Garden

Premiered April 11, 2022

Renowned musicologist Dr. Francesca Brittan returns to SalonEra as guest curator of this unique, art-song focused episode.

Early Music in Asia

Premiered March 28, 2022

Featuring two guests passionate about decolonizing the classical music canon, this episode of SalonEra focuses on the histories and contemporary early music movements in China and the Philippines.

Music Herstory

Premiered March 7, 2022

An episode featuring favorite performances from the SalonEra archive by women composers and performers accompanied by intriguing insights from scholars and musicians from past episodes

Circa 1500

Premiered February 21, 2022

Lutenist Esteban La Rotta and Blue Heron Artistic Director Scott Metcalfe delve deep into early Renaissance musical trends as we enjoy music from circa 1500 for lutes, vielles, and early winds.

Connoisseur’s Christmas

Premiered December 13, 2021

SalonEra presents an intimate holiday episode featuring soprano Grace Srinivasan and harpsichordist Patrick Merrill, revealing hidden treasures of early Christmas music.

Machaut Man

Premiered November 29, 2021

Scott Metcalfe and Debra Nagy celebrate the forthcoming release of Le Remede de Fortune, a new album collaboratively conceived and performed by Blue Heron and Les Délices.

Divine Love

Premiered November 8, 2021

Musicologist Dr. Susan McClary is joined by recorder player and cornettist Alex Opsahl and tenor Jason McStoots to probe the ecstatic, erotic overtones of 17th century music and poetry.

Phoenix of Mexico

Premiered October 18, 2021

Bassoonist Catalina Guevara Víquez Klein, violinist Karin Cuellar Rendon, and mezzo-soprano Raquel Winnica Young each have a personal connection to “The Phoenix of Mexico,” Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (1648-1695).


Premiered September 27, 2021

Meet string-player Doug Balliett, harpsichordist Nicola Canzano, and baritone Jonathan Woody: three acclaimed performers whose multi-faceted careers include composing new music for early instruments.