SalonEra: Sancho's Songbook is available from Monday, May 13th until end of June 2024!

SalonEra is FREE to watch with a suggested donation of $15 per episode.  


Audio versions of all episodes from the 2022-23 Season are available wherever you listen to podcasts.

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How to Watch

SalonEra episodes premiere Monday nights at 7:30 pm ET. You can tune in via YouTube, Facebook, or at to hear unique, curated performances and interviews hosted by Les Délices Artistic Director Debra Nagy. 

Season 3 SalonEra episodes will remain available thru June 30, 2023. Select clips will continue to be accessible for viewing on YouTube thereafter.

You do not need a YouTube or Facebook account to watch SalonEra on a desktop computer, but you will need to create an account or log in to comment on the video.

Engage with Us

If you are logged in to your Facebook or YouTube account, you will be able to join in the live chat throughout the concert. We encourage you to react and ask questions throughout the broadcast! An SE team member will be logged in to respond to all comments in real time. 

If you find the chat distracting, you can also watch the stream at or adjust your settings to hide the chat feature on Facebook or YouTube. To hide the live comments on Facebook, click the “Quiet Mode” button (it looks like a speech bubble) in the lower right-hand corner of the video screen to hide all comments and reactions. If you’re viewing on YouTube, pop out the chat on YouTube to view it in a separate window or install a Chrome extension to hide the live chat.

Playback Quality

For the best experience, we recommend checking your settings to ensure you’re watching in the highest possible quality.

To change your settings on YouTube, hover your cursor over the video window. Click on the gear icon in the lower right hand to access settings. Click “Quality” and then click the highest resolution available, (it should be 1080p – HD.)
To change your video settings in Facebook, log into your account, then click the triangle option at the far right end of your toolbar. Click “Settings & Privacy.” Then, find “Video” on the left-hand side, toward the bottom on the list of options. Click on it to see a list of options including “Video Default Quality.” On the drop-down menu, select “HD if possible.” (Please note this setting change is only possible on your computer, not in the Facebook mobile app.)