SalonEra's Season Four Finale Spotlights Florence Price and Margaret Bonds in "Gilded Age Chicago"

SalonEra, the award-winning web series and podcast from Les Délices, delves into the extraordinary lives and music of Black composers Florence Price and Margaret Bonds in its season four finale, premiering online on Monday, June 17th, 2024. Guest-curated by Les Délices Communications and Special Projects Manager Hannah De Priest, this unique episode spotlights three Black women artists who have made Price and Bonds central to their musical and scholarly pursuits: Dr. Samantha Ege, Dr. Christine Jobson, and soprano Michele Kennedy.

Gilded Age Chicago will premiere on June 17th on the Les Délices YouTube Channel, at, and on all major podcast platforms. Each episode of SalonEra streams free with a suggested donation of $15/episode. Video episodes are available from their premiere date through June 30, 2024, with podcast versions of the same episodes available at and wherever podcasts are heard.

Florence Price and Margaret Bonds both lived in Chicago during the early days of the 20th century. Facing societal barriers, both women found artistic success and community in the vibrant city. SE: Gilded Age Chicago features captivating performances of solo piano works and art songs by Margaret Bonds and Florence Price performed by the episode’s guests.

Celebrating a Legacy of Resilience and Creativity

Florence Price, a groundbreaking pianist and composer, defied limitations to become the first Black woman to have a symphony performed by a major American orchestra. Margaret Bonds, a prolific composer and pianist, was an early champion of Price’s music and also crafted her own innovative compositions.

Leading Black Voices Keep the Legacy Alive

SalonEra brings together a powerful trio of guests to shed light on Price and Bonds’ achievements and lasting impact.

  • Dr. Samantha Ege, a renowned musicologist and scholar of Florence Price’s work, offers invaluable insights into the composer’s life and artistry and tour-de-force performances of solo piano works by Price and Bonds. 
  • Dr. Christine Jobson, a celebrated soprano, entrepreneur, and advocate for Black composers, wrote her doctoral dissertation on the music of Florence Price and released an album of Price art songs titled Nearly Lost. 
  • Soprano Michele Kennedy, a versatile artist dedicated to diversity and representation, brings Price and Bonds’ compositions to life with her captivating voice in a recent album from AGAVE Baroque.

Inspiring the Next Generation

By delving into the lives and music of Price and Bonds, SalonEra not only celebrates the past but also inspires future generations. Each guest’s dedication to their chosen path echoes the resilience and innovation embodied by Price and Bonds.

Don’t miss this captivating SalonEra episode, premiering online on Monday, June 17th, 2024. Experience the beauty of Price and Bonds’ music, gain profound historical context, and witness the enduring impact these remarkable women continue to have on the musical landscape.

Premieres June 17, 2024
Focusing on the extraordinary music of Black composers and friends Margaret Bonds and Florence Price, who came to Chicago as part of the Great Migration, this episode features exciting  recordings and insights from leading scholar-musicians including Dr. Samantha Ege, Dr. Christine Jobson, and soprano Michele Kennedy.